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Working on The System like hip hop for a new project - tiny editing of bass lines …

ABCs of Playing An instrument such as Guitar

A - Accuracy

B - Balance

C - Creativity

You need to be accurate time-wise, pitch-wise, scale-wise and style-wise. Otherwise it becomes a mess. However technicality is nothing unless there’s a creative aspect to the playing.

Finally you need to balance your playing with the rest of the band, instrumentation or record so it fits into the music, the singer, the style and so on.

Hopeful New Music Trends in 2013

1. Producers use more chords and less studio chopping effects.

2. Singer-songwriters team up  with electronic music producers, best of both worlds.

3. The eighties revival will continue but ebb out.

4. (My yearly prediction.) An electronic music ‘Frank Zappa’ like artist will bubble up. Or more than one.

5. Producers don’t need to build DJ-specific tracks with timed build-ups/breakdowns as the new DJ tools makes it possible to DJs to build their own productions.

6. Dynamic music, non-heavily compressed, does a comeback.

Finger In The Wind Music Tech Predictions 2013

1. Bitwig will release their product and actually it’s a very open-ended system with lots of tweaking features that will open up very new live music scenarios.

2. NI will introduce a similar live music application with Maschine and Traktor integration for live use (maybe they should purchase Bitwig…)

3. While Ableton will still get side-tracked with their DAW ambitions forgetting their roots.

4. Most audio SW companies will use online app stores, boxed material is out.

5. Plug-in prices will drop 50%, seen this trend already with year-round special deals…

6. Reaktor will create stand-alone plug-ins opening up a new venue to build plug-ins.

7. More studios and laptops will have Quad-Core or better systems so there will be even more analog-like emulations of nearly anything. However, the producers are asking for radical new instruments and effects, instead, being happy with the digital sound.

8. (I hope) some new lossy algorithm will show up with very little degradation but 70% compression rate, a compromise between best lossless and best lossy algorithms.

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