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Silly Music Business Predictions for 2013

1. Guitar Center, bye bye.

2. Pono is a good idea but will only get a niche market.

3. Pandora, most likely bye bye, too.

4. And I still don’t know who uses eMusic.

5. EDM will collapse here in USA but as an offspring we will get good smaller clubs with more diverse dance music.

6. Royalty services will start looking into the podcast misuse of music.

7. This is a prediction I hope will happen: as part of getting into a loud music event, you get good/cheap ear plugs as part of the ticket price.

Music Business In 2012

1. Podcasts now use music with no royalty payments. Either this will be stopped or just accepted, similar to YouTube.

2. Nobody has really come up with a streaming payment system that supports the artists. That is bad. The idea was go get rid of middlemen and they crawled back in forms of Pandora, Spotify et rest.

3. So many good new artists/bands, the problem is to remember and follow them all. It’s not fun being a new up and coming artist today.

4. Musicians should spend writing music and performing, not spending their days on social networking sites — even if the ‘industry pundits’ write same-kind blog entries week after week. There’s something special about being mystical, think of Prince.

5. DJ as a performer is now a fact and a good model for future musicians.

6. Beware of even more companies making money from musicians. At least they aim for the amateur market which makes sense.

Music Effects in 2012 That Should Be Buried

1. Excessive compression side-chaining.

2. Deliberate adding of vinyl emulation, clicks/pops to make it sound old when it’s not.

3. Every singer sounds the same with auto-tune. Leave it out and you sound special.

4. Adaptive limiting where the output looks like a brick, destroying any nuances.

I’m afraid this won’t happen but one could always wish….

Not So Fun DJ Things 2012

1. Some still moaning about sync/no sync? Let go.

2. Beatport overcharging for music, especially lossless files, but that’s been the case since early days.

3. Less DJs daring to take chances when playing live, rather playing top-40 EDM. 

4. Speak of anyone becoming a DJ, celebrities et rest.

Not So Fun Music Technology Cases 2012

Ableton - spent three years coming up with a version with very little whizz-bang. And their pricing model is horrible and expensive.

How many commercial sample web sites do we really need?

Big boo to any companies still using iLok, Slate et rest. Waves saw the light.

If ProTools is not 64-bit they should leave out the Pro from the name.

Guitar effect pedal manufacturers all chasing digital tools and iPads while what we guitar players want are good and affordable analog gear.

Not So Good Music-wise 2012

1. Electronic dance music turning into festival-pleasing music with breakdowns/build-ups every 1.5 minutes and little music to dance to.
2. Music events turning into big light/video/laser shows rather than music shows.
3. Pretty much close to impossible to make money on sold records from now forward unless you are a Nashville artist, have a multi-million PR campaign or live on royalties from old hit records. Then again the new business model is to get ad payments from millions of hits from YouTube videos.

Best Music Trends Of 2012

1. Glitchhop is breaking away and using all kinds of funky re-intepreted rhythms, more fun than dubstep.
2. Indie bands switching from guitars to synthesizers and still doing quirky and good pop tunes.
3. Dance music using chord progressions again, style jazz in house and cool arrangements in nu-disco.

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